Basically I'm a (Dutch) kid in a grown up body. A kid who loves life almost as much as he love dogs. 

I have a tendency to find beauty in almost everything and everyone,

which is why I became a photographer about 10 years ago. 

After shooting fashion for so long I started missing the emotions, the story, the tears and the smiles.

Shooting weddings made me realise that there is so much pureness and beauty in the 'real world'.

This gave my photography a whole new perspective. 

A perspective I now apply to all my photography; Weddings, Portraits, Branding and Advertisement


You will recognise me as the tattooed comedian fooling around with everybody 

but never complaining and always eager to discover new beauty. 

You won't hear me continuously telling you how to pose or how to smile, 

I want to see you dance, laugh, have fun and be yourself, 

that's the story I want to see. 

The story of YOU, I'm just the guy capturing the gold in between the rocks. 


So if you think you can hang out with a guy with endless enthusiasm, 

surrender yourself to someone who truly believes he can find beauty in every one

and have him stand so close to you that he can hear your every whisper

just to capture those magical moments that tell your story...


then feel free to send me a message,

reach out and see where this magical path might take us...